Our Mission & Purpose

Church History

In July 1964, a small group of Christians acquired this church building. They
organized the present day Hebron Union Church. Many physical changes
have taken place over the years. Some include: enclosing the front entrance
& doing a face lift; expanding to the sanctuary area; a much needed
parsonage was built in 1971 ; a school was formed & classrooms were added
along with an all-purpose room. Recently, a new home was purchased for our
retiring pastor & may be used for visiting missionaries in the future.

We have had 6 pastors during the period of 1964 to present day. Their names
are: Rev. Richard Wolfe, Rev. John McDole, Rev. Eugene Fish, Rev. Gary
Fish, Pastor Howard Burnham and Pastor Jonathan Kaushal. God has blessed
the folks here at Hebron over the years.

School History

In 1974, the board of Hebron Union Church began seriously considering providing an alternative to the public education their children were receiving. Parents and children as well were disappointed in the local schools because it seemed that God was being pushed out-no prayer, no Bible reading and little or no respect toward he authority of Scripture in areas of Creation, morals and standards, dress and conduct.

Their research revealed Accelerated Christian Education, now commonly referred to as ACE or School of Tomorrow curriculum.  It claimed to work well with a small enrollment and a limited number of staff.

The passing of Alice Work in 1975, a member and mother of 13, who was passionate about Christian Education gave the impetus to start the school. Her family asked that all memorials left in honor of her be used to begin the Hebron Center Christian School.

So, in the fall of 1975, the school began with 8 students and one teacher & supervisor, Miss Jean Thompson.  The system lived up to its claim. Since that day, there have been a number of changes, improvements and additions to the school. The church expanded and built on classrooms. A gym, an office and a kitchen were added.  Student enrollment has varied through the years.  It has been as high as 85 and as low as 8.


The Hebron Union Church is a group of believers who are trusting in the blood of Jesus Christ for salvation and cleansing from sin who unite for the purpose of worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and desire to model our everyday lives after the example that he has given us through his life and the written Word of God, the Bible.

Our purpose and desire is to use our talents and resources to promote Christian love and fellowship, to pray and work together, to seek and save the lost, and to send out the good news of the Gospel of Christ, both locally and abroad.