"I did not realize just how much HCCS and A.C.E. had prepared me until attending college.  I found that I was more advanced in the classroom than other students, especially when it came to English, Math and Spelling." ​

Jonathan - Class of 2001

"I had the privilege of helping out at the school and seeing first hand the dedication and faithfulness of the teachers and staff. They not only care about the student's academic life, but more importantly their spiritual life."

Mrs. P - Mother of 4 graduates

"A.C.E. incorporates goal setting as an essential part of the learning system. This was a huge help to me as I set out to work and provide for my family. Learning to set goals and never quit until they're achieved is a huge asset." 

Brandon - Class of 2005

"During high school, Regional & International Student Convention was always the highlight of the year. Student Conventions allowed me to grow spiritually, compete and socialize with students from around the world."


"When it was time for our oldest son to attend school, my husband and I didn't have to think twice: he would attend the Christian school, period. Was it easy? Absolutely not! My husband had a low-paying job, we had two other children at home and I was a stay at home mom. Was it worth the sacrifice? Yes, yes, yes!!! "

Mrs. D - Mother of 3 graduates

"I was challenged to grow closer to Christ through my education at HCCS.

...I was able to develop lifelong Christian friends. I was in an environment that helped me develop Godly character."


"Throughout my years at the Hebron Center Christian School, I memorized many verses/chapters/passages of Scripture...As a child, this seemed burdensome, but now as an adult, the Holy Spirit brings to mind many of the verses I memorized in school."

Alumni & mother of 2 students

Here's what some of our alumni & parents have said about HCCS